For the last ten years Realize! has worked with fast growing companies, to help them organize in new ways. We have been pioneering alternative operating models, leadership and culture approaches beyond traditional management principles. Our ways of working is well captured in the book Reinventing Organizations, written by our highly appreciated colleague pioneer Frederic Laloux.

Realize! BV has been terminated as of December 31st 2015. As the saying goes, you should quit at the top of your career, there is some truth to that. With the enormous attention that Reinventing Organization has risen, our pioneering work has become of great value.

The Realize! partners: Teun Busser, Diederick Janse, Jeroen Maes en Thomas Vaassen have all started new enterprises. They are continuing their pioneering work and creating new pathways.

  • Teun’s new enterprise is Het Eerste Huis, the Dutch company for Reinventing Organizations
  • Diederick’s new enterprise is, the Dutch company for Holacracy
  • Jeroen currently works under his own name with fast-growing and innovative startups in The Netherlands
  • Thomas’ new enterprise is Landmap, an international startup delivering affordable land tenure mapping to rural communities.


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