Springest embraces dynamic organization with Holacracy

Ruben Timmerman (Springest) & Diederick Janse (Realize!)

January 10, 2013 – Talk to a startup about structure, and you’ll soon find yourself out the door. Startups thrive on creativity and speed, but chaos doesn’t scale. Structure is necessary for further growth, but bureaucracy is a recipe for stagnation.

With HolacracySpringest hopes to continue to operate with the speed of a startup, yet with clear and scalable structure. On January 9th, CEO Ruben Timmerman signed a policy to adopt Holacracy as the operating system for the organization. In the next 6 months, Realize! will be supporting the implementation of Holacracy at Springest.

Where does Ruben hope to be in 6 months?

“I want to be somewhere on the beach, and not feel bad about what’s going on here. I want to feel in control without being in control. Growth is accelerating at Springest, and I don’t want to be the bottleneck for that. I hope we can drive change faster, with people and teams creating that change. If that happens, then I’ll be able to take a holiday for the first time in a few years (laughs). So that’s my target.”

Springest is a fast-growing and profitable startup that aims to become the Amazon of learning. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Springest helps website visitors to search and compare training courses and education programmes. The offer is expanding rapidly, with over 70.000 training courses available in The Netherlands, Germany, the U.K., Belgium, and Russia. In 2010, Springest was voted startup of the year by The Next Web Dutch Startup Awards, and last year founder and CEO Ruben Timmerman was voted best starting entrepreneur in the Dutch online industry.

Holacracy® is a new operating system for organizations. Its dynamic structure enables an organization to adapt continously, in pursuit of purpose. Rather than sweeping tensions and problems under the carpet, in Holacracy they serve as fuel for constant organizational evolution. How? Through highly effective meeting processes and clearly distributed authority, with real power and autonomy for everyone in the organization.